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This forum is for IT Professionals who have questions/issues or other feedback about Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 suite

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    I added a user in FIM portal and then synchronize it . After 2 days I deleted that user in FIM portal. Again when I added the same user in FIM Portal and synchronizing it in a synchronization service, it gives me an error and that is sync-rule-flow-provisioning-failed . Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.ProvisioningBySyncRuleException: An object with DN "CN=109176,OU=FIM,DC=PSPCL,DC=IN" already exists in management agent "PSPCL AD MA".


     Now how can I able to synchronize that user?

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    Hi Experts,

    We have deployed FIM SSPR on two servers and managed the load via load balancer.

    Till yesterday, we were able to do password reset and registration. But all of sudden, we were getting Error 3001 while attempting password reset and Session time out in Password Registration. I did checked everything was in place.

    The application pool identity being used has all SPN configured.

    Enabling verbose mode revealed this error:

    Microsoft.ResourceManagement Error: 3 : The error page was displayed to the user.
    Title: Access denied.
    Message: Error processing your request: The operation was rejected because of access control policies.
    Source: The supplied request content violates system rules.
    Details: The Request contains changes that violate system constraints.
    CorrelationId: e0b2d32c-7bae-4e36-be5b-0b8e527e3e3a
    ErrorCode: 3001
    CaughtTime: 12/12/2014 02:04:41

    Any suggestion will be appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards, Siva Kumar Balaguru

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    Hi All,

    I have one Inbound-Outbound Sync rule for Active Directory. I have done attribute mapping in Outbound Sync rule to send values into AD. But few days back, I tried to modify an attribute mapping as per my new need and when I selected new value and clicked okay but nothing happen. I mean no update, no new attribute mapping, nothing. Got old mapping as It is, no new mapping is being created. I even tried to create new mapping with different source attribute and destination attribute that is also not happening.

    I repaired FIM setup, I even tried to restore old DB but not working. Even tried to change RCDC configuration file for Sync Rule both Create and edit. But no +ve result.

    Please suggest, If I missed something or something more I need to check or this is Product bug.Thanks in Advance.

    If My Answer helps you do not forget to check helpful post and If answers your question do not forget to "Mark it as an Answer" Thanks~ Giriraj Singh Bhamu

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    Is there a way to allow a centralized admin to retire a smart card? No issues with request on befalf of just need a method for those same admins to retire cards and repurpose if needed. Currenty the only method i see is the actual assigned user viewing the details of their own card and retireing it from there.


    0 0,new-poodle-attack-dogs-ssltls-protected-sites.aspx#ixzz3LkqZ

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    In FIM 2010 R2, do we need to manually create the SQL jobs to rebuild/reorganize indexes? Or is this a default configuration that just runs on SQL? I am referring to the 2 FIM databases.



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  • 12/14/14--22:19: cpu utilization...
  • how do i find out what software is running (at 80-100%) when there are no apps shown on the Windows Task Manager?

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    I am experimenting with the UocCommonMultiValueControl and multi-valued attributes.

    I entered the following in the multi-line text box shown on the screen:




    Value 10

    Value 12

    and when on the "Submit" page showed   Value1;Value2;Value10;Value12

    Is this filtering out duplicate values by design? This behaviour is not documented.

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    Hey everyone, I'm trying to install MIM 2015 in a lab environment and I have run into a problem.

    The lab environment consists of the following.

    1 - domain controller 2012 R2 (
    1 - Exchange 2013 Server (
    1 - MIM Sync Server (Server 2012 R2 with SQL 2012) (
    1 - MIM Portal Server ( Sharepoint Foundation 2013) (

    Everytime I try to install the Service & Portal, the installation simply ends saying that the MIM Wizard ended prematurely. It doesn't tell me why or what went wrong.

    To give you a little background on the environment, the MIM Sync machine is running Windows Server 2012 R2 and already has MIM Synchronization Service installed with its own SQL 2012.

    There is another machine running Windows Server 2012 which is the Service & Portal machine. It is running on Windows Server 2012 as well as SharePoint 2013 Foundation. (All SQL databases are stored on  I have followed the lab guide however I still receive the error message any advice is greatly appreciated. 

    Since the error is so vague, I ran a log file with Verbose to see what the problem could be, however this log does not make any sense to me. I have attached the log file to this post in hopes that somebody can assist in decoding this for me. 

    MIM Error Log

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    I have a FIM 2010 R2 Sp1 lab with sync and service on a single box, with a sql 2012 server.

    things were working fine until one day i couldn't add or modify anything in my sync rules in the fim portal.  specifically, i could open the rules and add an attribute flow, but after i clicked OK in the pop up after mapping a flow (e.g. samaccountname - accountname) the window would close and the new flow didn't show up.

    so, this being a lab i rebuilt.  i created new FIM ad service accounts, new sql instance, removed fimsync and fimservice and reinstalled from scratch.

    same problem.

    i can create sync rules, but cannot add attribute flows to them.  i don't get an error, the flows just don't show up.  i am using the same user account that installed FIM and is a fimsyncadmin.  i CAN create classic attribute flows, just not in service. i CAN see new MAs in all resources > madata in the service that were created in fimsync.


    Ben Pahl

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    I have done multiple FIMCM2010 R2 installations and I have a problem in one of these(Windows 2008 R2). A person (member of a Universal group with Read and Enroll permissions on the SCP, standard user, not a domain admin) can access the FIMCM portal and sees the manager operations tab. Under this tab this person sees none of the existing requests. What permissions are required to see all requests, or only certain requests,e.g. if this user should only see request for SSL certificates? Any thoughts on that?

    Thank you,


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    For FIM Reporting our InitialSync of data (21 lac requests) with SCSM has completed but ETL jobs have run on only 15 lac requests. From last 6 days all ETL jobs as well as MPSync is also in running status but Get-SCDWJobModuleis showing that all modules of jobs are in Not Started state. We have restarted our SCSM services multiple times but still all jobs stuck in running state. Is there any suggestion to correct ETL job ?

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    Hello Everybody,

        Today I come to ask for advice from the FIM experts, it was just brought to my attention that when somebody tries to add a user to a security group by using the browse option they are able to search for the member and select them but when they click on "Ok" the account isnt shown in the Members to add box. However if the person types in the full display name into the "members to add box" the user is successfully resolved. 

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  • 12/16/14--18:29: AD DN when FIM provisioning
  • Hi,

    When people use Active Directory Users & Computers, the CN part of a users DN contains the Common Name, typically 'firstname lastname' for example: cn=john smith, ou=marketing,dc=reskit,dc=com

    If all users are in a single OU, this will work if there is only 1 john smith.

    When using FIM to provision user to a single OU, we are thinking of using the 'samaccountname' in the DN to ensure uniquness as follows: cn=jsmith, ou=marketing,dc=reskit,dc=com

    My question is: for the existing AD users, can we just go ahead and change their existing CN='firstname lastname' to CN='samaccountName'? We'd like to have the DN naming convention the same for all users.



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    We have reviewed the XPATH filter limitations as per:

    However, are there any limitations / best practices as to the number of XPATH filters per Set / Group?

    For example, we may have a FIM Group that may be made up of 24 different 'OR' XPATH filters - would this be a performance hit on FIM? Is there a limit on these?



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  • 12/16/14--21:49: RCDC User edit form
  • When editing a user, the RCDC doesn't pick up the custom RCDC I have created for it.

    I have exported "Configuration for User" and created a new RCDC linked to the "person" resource. Unticked the view/edit/create boxes for the original user RCDC and enabled those for this new one.

    No errors in the XML, no errors on the actual edit page but it is not showing the new RCDC. Did an IISRESET but to no avail.


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    Hello everyone!

    I'm the novice with FIM.

    I have a situation where I need to sync data (users with passwords) from AD to ADLDS  with FIM.

    First of all I successfully set up FIM AD DS Management Agent to import user and some attributes (cn, displayname,objectSID,unicodePWD). And I received a sync statistic report of successful add to Metaverse DB 6 users.

    Second is I have been trying to export Metaverse data to AD LDS without any result.

    I think the problem is in a AD LDS Management Agent settings or run profile.  I set Data flow direction - export everywhere.  

    What am I doing wrong? 

    Best Regards, 

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    Hi all,

    We have created SQL MA that connects to view.

    View definition is something like this:

    SELECT a.*
    FROM dbo.MyTable a
    SELECT DISTINCT workflowId,
    min(id) AS id
    FROM MyTable
    GROUP BY workflowId
    ) AS b
    ON a.workflowId = b.workflowId
    AND =
    AND (
    (a.STATUS = 'R')
    OR (a.STATUS = 'P')

    When we try to run export profile on that MA we get cd-error [Modify] Could not get required interface.

    Running the same update in SQL management studio works.

    Does anyone knows what is causing this behavior?

    Thank You.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Today we applied hotfix rollup package (build 4.1.3496.0) in our FIM environment for Sync service and FIM Service. I also added HideAdvancedSearchLink attribute and MPR as described in below link:

    After this change everything is working fine except we see some strange behavior in identity picker.

    Issue Description:
    When we try to add user in group/set then it does not work. After typing few characters, I hit enter button. A pop window opens which ask me to select users because there were multiple user present in FIM portal whose name was starting with same characters which I typed in identity picker. After selecting one user from pop window I clicked OK button. But I don't see that selected users in identity picker.

    However if I type full name which is unique in portal then Identity picker resolve that user. 

    Can anyone please help.


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    I have Sharepoint Server 2010 with SP2 installed. Cumulative update is done upto February 2014. But now i face issue in workflow not triggering automatically. Once restarted workflow manually for the first time it runs properly. Also this issue is affected in both Custom Workflow and Sharepoint Designer Workflow. Please advise how can i fix the issue. Do i need to install any Cumulative update for it.

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