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This forum is for IT Professionals who have questions/issues or other feedback about Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 suite

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    We are trying to add a new Attribute to the the schema management and after clicking submit we receive - we are unable to process your request.   When matching up the correlation id from this error in the event viewer we see

    Microsoft.ResourceManagement.WebServices.Exceptions.UnwillingToPerformException: Other ---> System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    We have configured a FIM installation to provision our AD from a database.

    Import is made with good attributs to FIM and users are created.

    An export rule have been created (outbound), with MPR, WorkFlow and sets

    349 users are created, and it is the good number.

    The "target" set representing users that may have an expected rule entry (for Export to AD) is good and the view member feature shows 349 targeted users.

    However, we only find about 300 expected rules entries. Sometims 299, sometimes 305. Most of it have the "Completed" status. Few have the "Validating" status. And few are missing.

    I cannot find any log about errors or overload. What could be wrong ?


    Emmanuel IT

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  • 09/16/16--01:54: MA clearing
  • Hi,

    Is there anyway to delete management agent (ie delete data but not config) in powershell ?

    In dev environnement, when having to "clear all", we have to use sync gui and click on each MA to "purge" it. Very tedious.


    Emmanuel IT

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    Hi ..

    We had install MIM 2016 in Development Environment, and we face strange issue as we need to create workflow for adding user to group but the activity shown as blank as below screen shot.

    Any idea how to fix this issue?

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    Hi All,

    Can someone pls provide the steps for Configuring the BHOLD-FIM using Workflow activity and Sync rules.Ob OU mapping. Please share the link which provides the attestation process.

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  • 09/16/16--10:48: MIM Portal Error Logging?
  • Has the way we debug portal issues changed with MIM as compared to FIM? I'm getting an error page come up in the portal and have tried the following:

    • Service tracing via MIMWAL CaptureTrace.cmd - no error, so looks like a portal issue
    • Portal tracing via both methods in the technet article - no files created on disk and none in event log
    • Show detailed errors as per this technet article - doesn't work and no ILMErrors module anymore
    • Reviewed the SharePoint log - shows that there was an error page displayed, but no detail

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    Anyone know the time of expiration of the security code that is sent by e-mail gate in password reset portal?

    I read somewhere about it that expiration occurs in the same time of application session, but I did not see any microsoft document with this information.

    I appreciate any help!

    Thanks in advance,

    Vitor Silva

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    I've set up the BHOLD MA (Access Management Microsoft) in MIM 2016to export users to the BHOLD Core.
    I'm using the lab guide to help me out.

    The only difference, I'm preferring to use portal sync rules instead of using the attributeflow in the BHOLD MA itself. (easier and powerful)

    I've configured a Synchronization rule in the FIM Portal, however, it complains that when I'm trying to flow department (MV) to OrganizationalUnit (CS) (a BHold orgunit is not the same as an AD OU) are not matching types: String versus Reference.

    When I configure this on the BHOLD MA agent itself as explained in the above lab guide, there's no error!

    Question: has anyone ever used portal sync rules to populate BHOLD CORE with users? Is it possible

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    FIM 2010 on Sharepoint 2013.

    Mapped the Picture properth to thumbnailPhoto attribute and do a full sync.

    Everyrhing work fine except importing profile pictures.

    I can see them in mms_metaverse table. There are not created in user photos list from my site roor with names as partitionid_id of user, from where Ican transform with update-spphotostore.

    No errors in uls or event viewer.

    Whatt should I check more ?

    Thank you,


    Sorin Sandu

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    Hi Gurus,

    one quick query. Is there an option in MIM to provide reminders on a daily basis for approvals and also is there a way for the approvers to reject approval mails with comments.

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    We have a requirement to create a file of the users while exporting, who are getting deleted. I'm able to read their "Anchor" attribute, modification type but I'm not able to read their other attributes in Extensible MA Code. Is there any way to achieve this? If Yes, then please tell how.

    Manuj Khurana

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    I need to make outbound sync rule for users.
    I have HR system with all employee data and Microsoft AD.

    Main rures are:
    1. If employeeStatus in MV=0 this is normal, not blocked account.
    2. If employeeStatus in MV=1,2,3 this is locked account.

    This can be done with flow like this:
    Source Tab
     Function name




    Destination Tab

    But, what will happens with system accounts (they are defined in AD, but not defined in HR system).
    They will be locked?
    I'm a little bit confused with statuses 1,2,3. Maybe it would be better to make a rule extension to handle this case?


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    We are trying to change Employee Manager when Department attribute changed, and am unable to change manager attribute using MIMWAL Update Resource Activity, below what values am trying to use

    Value                                                                                             Target

    InsertValues([//Queries/SalesManager/displayName])               [//Target/Manager/ExplicitMember]

    InsertValues([//Queries/SalesManager/displayName])               [//Target/Manager]

    InsertValues[//Queries/SalesManager/displayName]               [//Target/Manager]

    "Sales Manager"                                                                          [//Target/Manager]

    am new in MIM and WAL, can you please help me to get correct format for this



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    We had configure MIM MA and AD MA all attributes sync correctly Manager while we already configure it in Inbound Sync rules and Outbound Sync rules, Also added in both MIM MA & AD MA.

    where the issue?



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    Receiving this error:

    An error has occurred. Please try again, and if the problem persists, contact your help desk or system administrator. (Error 3000)

    I have been through this article ( and still getting the same error. 

    At a bit of a loss now. Hoping someone could shed some light on this and help me out.



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  • 09/19/16--19:53: SSPR OTP question
  • Hi,

    Pls could someone explain SSPR and OTP.

    In order to receive an OTP (either via email or phone), do people still need to register their Questions, and Answer them correctly to receive an OTP, and only then reset their password?

    Or, with OTP, are you supposed to auto-register people with SSPR, and during a reset operation they would receive their OTP?

    Thank you,


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    We have a requirement to create Export files on different instances of Application Servers via FIM based on certain attribute value criteria. Is there any way of achieving it from one Management Agent to create different files for users.

    Also, during de-provisioning of users, we have to remove the connector and create other xml based on instances where it was present. For FILE based Management agent, for de-provisioning scenarios do the mentioned code also generates the entries for de-provisioned user as well? "

    public void ReadExportFile(KeyedCollection<string, ConfigParameter>
    Schema types,
    ReadExportFileRunStep exportRunStep)"

    Manuj Khurana

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    Is there any way to manage IBM AIX OS Accounts/Groups/Password using MIM 2016?

    I try to search only fond thired party connector below:



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  • 09/20/16--15:23: AADConnect Directory Type?
  • Hi,

    We don't have AADConnect at the moment, looking at this screenshot, what options exist in the "Directory Type" drop down box?

    Can this be any Directory Service? e.g. AD, ADLDS, OpenLDAP, etc etc?

    Thank you

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  • 09/21/16--02:08: Nested Visibility in RCDC
  • Hi,

    I am trying to achieve something as below:

    There is a checkbox control and only when user selects the checkbox, he should be presented with another control which is Radio Button with 2 options available, Ex:A and B. Now when user selects B option, he should be presented with another control which is a checkbox option.

    Is this possible?

    I tried something as below, but doesn't seem to be working. None of the Radio Button options are selected when the page is loaded, even though I am setting default value to False.

    <my:Control my:Name="CheckBox1" my:TypeName="UocCheckBox" my:Caption="{Binding Source=schema, Path=CheckBox1.DisplayName}" my:Description="{Binding Source=schema, Path=CheckBox1.Description}" my:RightsLevel="{Binding Source=rights, Path=CheckBox1}"  my:AutoPostback="true">
              <my:Property my:Name="ReadOnly" my:Value="false" />
              <my:Property my:Name="Checked" my:Value="{Binding Source=object, Path=CheckBox1, Mode=TwoWay}" />
              <!--<my:Property my:Name="Text" my:Value="%SYMBOL_CheckBox1_END%" />-->
              <my:Property my:Name="Hint" my:Value="{Binding Source=schema, Path=CheckBox1.Hint}" />

    <my:Control my:Name="RadioButtonOption" my:TypeName="UocRadioButtonList" my:Caption="%SYMBOL_RadioButtonOption_END%" my:Description="{Binding Source=schema, Path=RadioButtonOption.Description}"my:Visible="{Binding Source=object, Path=CheckBox1}" my:AutoPostback="true">
              <my:Option my:Value="False" my:Caption="Option1" my:Hint="Option1"/>
              <my:Option my:Value="True" my:Caption="Option2" my:Hint="Option2"/>
    <my:Property my:Name="Required" my:Value="{Binding Source=schema, Path=RadioButtonOption.Required}"/>
              <my:Property my:Name="DefaultValue" my:Value="False"/>
              <my:Property my:Name="CaptionPath" my:Value="Caption"/>
              <my:Property my:Name="HintPath" my:Value="Hint"/>
              <my:Property my:Name="ItemSource" my:Value="Custom"/>
              <my:Property my:Name="SelectedValue" my:Value="{Binding Source=object, Path=RadioButtonOption, Mode=TwoWay}"/> 

    Kindly Help!!



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