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This forum is for IT Professionals who have questions/issues or other feedback about Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 suite

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  • 08/03/15--08:57: adding an email toDG
  • Can I add an email address/mailbox as a member of a Distribution Group?

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    Can I add an email address/mailbox as a member of a Distribution Group In FIM?

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    I'm importing users from a source SQL MA, rather than having a flag or date indicating disconnection, the users will just vanish from the view. Is there a way for me to time stamp when the user disappeared from the view into a metaverse attribute (e.g. "sourceDisconnected") and export that to the FIM portal to trigger deprovisioning actions X days after the disconnection?


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    I was wondering if there's a way you can sync the SAP location code with FIM for whenever I go to create a new user. SAP has a location code, and whenever I create a new user in FIM, I want to be able to put in that code so the Address automatically gets filled in. 

    Or if that's not possible, is there a way to automatically fill in the address in FIM?

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    Microsoft Identity Manager 2016, successor of FIM 2010 is now available on MSDN / Volume Licensing sites. It is the "GA" version.
    There is also a new site about MIM:
    Microsoft Identity Manager at sites.

    On-premises identity and access management:

    • Synchronize identities between directories, databases and applications
    • Self-service password, group and certificate management
    • Increase admin security with policies, privileged access and roles
    • Thwart identity theft with Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM)

    Note that there is "Try now" button on the site, but it is currently redirected to /evalcenter/evaluate-microsoft-advanced-threat-analytics

    If you found my post helpful, please give it a Helpful vote. If it answered your question, remember to mark it as an Answer.

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  • 08/04/15--04:20: MIM 2016 new portal?
  • Hello, I've deployed MIM 2016 in a test environment to look at the new stuff. So the portal looks the same (sadly). - when is the new portal available (or how can I enable it in this version?).

    I found some documentation on TechNet (yesterday there was none). I suppose we will have more in a few days\weeks. Amirite? ;)

    The data above this text is pseudorandom, brace yourselves.

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    I've tried installing both to SQL 2012 SP2 and it fails on Populate Database step. I think it worked with 2012 SP1.

    Can anyone confirm?

    The data above this text is pseudorandom, brace yourselves.

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    Windows 10 Domain ID is getting disabled frequently, is the any tool that where & all my password saved in the system..

    Lokesh SG

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  • 08/04/15--19:55: PCNS & FIM question
  • Hi,

    When PCNS intercepts the password change on a DC, what format does it send the password to FIM in? is it clear text?

    I am asking this because we require to sync AD passwords with a systems where we do not have a Management Agent for (via FIM).

    Came across this script, and was wondering if it can be used for password sync & FIM?

    Thank you.


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  • 08/04/15--19:59: SSPR and password complexity
  • Hi,

    I am assuming that FIM SSPR utilizes the password complexity settings of the associated AD environment (that FIM is deployed in)?

    When resetting a password via SSPR, and a password not complex enough is typed in, does FIM SSPR tell you the password does not meet complexity requirements and offer that you type another password (that matches the complexity requirement)?



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  • 08/04/15--23:27: FIM to MIM upgrade
  • Hi,

    With MIM now available, I'd like to test an upgrade scenario.

    First question though - what are the requirements for MIM? OS? SQL? etc

    FIM Sync:

    I assume this is a simple in place upgrade of the binaries?

    FIM Portal:

    I assume we need to remove FIM Portal and Sharepoint 2010 first (as in our case)?

    Then deploy Sharepoint 2013 and MIM portal again?



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    I need export attribute EmployeeID from FIM Portal to AD.

    When I export EmployeeID to AD (Relationship criteria accountname = samaccountname) - all OK

    When I export EmployeeID to AD (Relationship criteria Firstname = givenname and Lastname = sn) - EmployeeId does not export to same user in AD.



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    The documentation at speaks of a FIM 2010 R2 upgrade to MIM 2016. But I've got a customer who still has a FIM 2010 who is now looking to upgrade to MIM 2016.

    The target situation is to have all MIM 2016 software on new servers installed.Will the MIM 2016 installer be able to update the FIM 2010 databases? Or do we need to to a FIM 2010 -> FIM 2010 R2 -> MIM 2016 upgrade?

    Could this be a possible strategy:

    • Stop FIM 2010 services
    • Backup database (duh :) )
    • Move database to newer SQL version
    • Start setup of MIM Sync/MIM Service
    • Point to relocated database and upgrade database
    • Have an upgraded environment

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    More or less related to my upgrade question.

    Situation to start from:

    • FIM 2010 Server Side
    • FIM 2010 SSPR on Windows 7

    Situation to go to:

    • MIM 2016 Server Side
    • MIM 2016 SSPR on Windows 7

    Now my question: is the MIM 2016 SERVER software backwards compatible? E.g. can FIM 2010 clients connect and perform a SSPR against a MIM 2016 server?

    Or is it the other way round? Can a MIM 2016 SSPR client talk to a FIM 2010 server?

    I've got quite some clients to upgrade and the first option, server is backwards compatible, would be very very convenient...

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    I'm not sure if somebody asked for this already, i would like to know a detailed instructions in bulk update/modify phone number of users, it could be an MPR or powershell instructions or both. Users are from different departments. If there is an existing script that i can modify, that would be great. Thank you!

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    I have tried to figure out how to create a set which contains all the security group owners. Is that someway possible to do?

    I want to show security groups just to group owners so is there is some other way to do that, let me know.

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    Hi ,

    I need to publish my existing FIM Portal on internet, below is my plan for that:

    Current Scenario:

    - We have 2 FIM Portal Servers published internally using our internal Hardware load balancer (HLB). We have FIM Sync server and one FIM Portal Admin server.

    Proposed plan:

    we are going to publish FIM servers using Windows Server 2012 R2's Web Application Proxy (WAP) servers.

    We will configure two WAP servers in DMZ network behind our external HLB.


    1- Does WAP servers are supported in this scenario?

    2- Do we require both WAP servers in DMZ to be domain joined?

    3- Will this method will work us in publishing Password Register Portal?

    4- Will this method will work for us in publishing password reset portal?

    5- We are going to export and use the same certificate as our current internal servers are using, i think this is fine?

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    I am having a problem setting the compatibility level for SharePoint, prior to installing FIM.
    The property is read-only. Is there are registry entry that will complete this?

    Here is the environment:

    Freshly installed VM with Windows 2012 Std. Server is named: FIMS.
    It is domain joined with .Net 3.5 installed.
    It also have SQL 2012 Std installed including full-text search.

    It has SharePoint 2013 installed...
    Configure SQL Server 2012 for SharePoint 2013

    I am stuck at step 1 in the following article to prepare SharePoint for the FIM install.

    Installing FIM 2010 R2 on SharePoint Foundation 2013
    Violating any of the above conditions will be caught by the setup prerequisite checks and will block the installation of the portal.

    1. The SharePoint 2013 site collection runs in 2010      experience mode.
           To verify, in the SharePoint 2013 Management command-line shell, enter the following commands and verify that the return value is 14:
      • $spSite = SpSite("");
      • $spSite.CompatibilityLevel

    When I run the command it reports the value is read-only. Advice on how to set this via registry or other mean, is much appreciated.

    PS C:\> $spSite = SpSite("http://fims")
    PS C:\> $spSite.CompatibilityLevel
    PS C:\> $spSite.CompatibilityLevel = 14
    'CompatibilityLevel' is a ReadOnly property.
    At line:1 char:1
    + $spSite.CompatibilityLevel = 14
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (:) [], RuntimeException
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : PropertyAssignmentException

    Thank you

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    1. 08/05/15--08:48: FIM Portal Internal Error
    2. I've configured my portal to have a set of HR users. HR users can access the portal, create users and modify certain attributes of existing Contractors and Staff.

      To do this I created some MPRs and search scopes, I login as an HR user, click Users and can successfully create a new user. However, if I search for existing users using the default All Users search scope, or using my All Conteactors and All Staff search scopes, the portal returns:

      An internal error occurred and your request cannot be processed. Please contact your system

      Usual objectSid, Domain, AccountName are in place. Am I missing something simple?


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